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Wifi Syndrome

Updated: Dec 1, 2021

If you live in the country then you know what I am going to say..., still, hear me out.

I am coming from paying 55 bucks for a minimum internet service in the city 80mbps and it worked just fine. I mean, why buy 600mbps for a 120 bucks if I don't feel the difference, right?

Then, I moved.

Before I moved I checked for internet in the area. AT&T.

The promise was unlimited speed.



Not working.

In the middle of the night, I get 10-13mbps, it feels great.

During the day, I receive 4-5mbps

And in rush hour evenings and now in the river floating season I get 0.5-2.5mbps. So really, I get no internet to slooow internet.

I pay double and I get not only a dial-up, but also a limited GB to use per month.

How do you like those apples? I don't:)

Me being me, I installed antenna x2 it worked better for a while until ATT clipped the range of their tower. So back to nothing.

Why am I writing about it?

I wanted to provide wifi for visitors. The business plan with att will give me the same speed, so why bother? I found another company called Wave, and they don't have a business plan, it means one two users at best and same slowness.

I found the solution!

ELON MUSK Starlink

It's coming. They said by the end of 2020, the latest.

I paid.

I waited.

Waited some more.


2021 has come and gone.

Elon Musk that I held high expectation on disappointed me. He screwed up in cryptocurrency too..., but that's a different story.

It is December 2021.

I received an email from Starlink. First email I ever received from them:

"We will be in you area in April 2022"

So much for end of 2020, right?

I am a natural kind of person and I am not sure about the grid of satellites around the planet anyway.

I am a bit worried from the implications, but I am not savvy enough to know if an extra cell tower is better or worse...

So April 2022, just before the summer season, NO PROMISES... there will be wifi for all!

To be continued:)


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